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Shop & Showroom outside Shop & Showroom inside In the Studio Castle- Lane*
Our Studio was founded in 1980.

We have created lamps for customers worldwide, 
including architects, Interior designers and 
individuals who appreciate Tiffany Studios work, 
but who do not wish to pay the incredibly high prices 
that original antique lamps command.

Our object is to faithfully reproduce the original 
manufacturing methods of Tiffany-Studios New York.

Today in our Studio, we use almost identical methods 
to those of the late 19th and early 20th century. 

Thus, it is possible for us to create lamps, 
which although new, hardly differ in their quality and 
appearance from the originals.
Our customers say they look like "the real thing".

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Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass
Gudrun Grotepass

Schloss-Strasse 68 
45355 Essen / Germany 
Phone +49  201- 651112 
E-mail: Info@Tiffany-Studios.com


)*Schloss-Strasse = Castle Lane