We keep the tradition of Tiffany Studios New York (1880-1930) leaded glass lamp making alive.

Dr. Grotepass-Studios

Our Philosophy of Work

Principally, the work we do in our studio does not differ
greatly  than that of each CLASSICAL ORCHESTRA of 
the world:

The orchestra each time presents the handed down 
score of an OLD  MASTER  in a new interpretation to the
enjoyment of the listener.

Our hand down scores are the patterns and the forms 
of stainedglass lampshades which were developed 
under LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY`S  direction at the 
end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

The "instruments" we use are the same ones which
were used then:  COLORED GLASS.
In some cases we even buy our glass at the same
factories which TIFFANY-STUDIOS did.

Dr. Grotepass

Nautilus Lamps and  Nautilus Shells

Picture by Dr. Grotepass-Studios (1984): 
"Nautilus Lamps and  Nautilus Shells"


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