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Here is some earlier of the feedback we got from our customers in USA,  Germany and worldwide. This is no advertising. Nothing has been changed in all of the E-mails you can read here.
(English is not our native language)

Please understand that any personal sensitive information has been
protected and appears as XXXXXXXXX.


Subject: Re: Update on 14" Geranium Lamp
From: Ian xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@ozemail.com.au>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 23:36:51 +1000
To: "Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Dear Peter, The lamp arrived today and looks fantastic. The packaging
worked well and we are very pleased to have received it. I presume 25w is
the recommended globe strength. is it safe to use any brighter globes?
Hope you enjoy your holiday

regards Ian 

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Wed, 22 May 2013 14:33:29 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 14:33:29 -0700
Subject: Re: 15 Inch Spider Lamp is shipped
From: Robert Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<rXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>
To: "Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

I've been out of town for the last two weeks.  I did get it and it's fantastic.
Thank you very much!!

From: Larry Xxxxxxxxx <lxxxxxxxxxx@earthlink.net>
Subject: Lamp Delivery
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2013 10:07:32 -0400
To: "Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Dear Peter and Gudrun,

The lamp is perfect, even more beautiful than I had imagined.
Mainly because of the waviness of the form, which you cant see in the
photos, and the beauty of the glass.

The lamp itself is really beautiful. It is the first time I have seen one of
your bases. It is as lovingly created as the shade which adorns it.

My warmest thanks and gratitude,


Subject: Re: Appleblossom Tiffany Lampe
From: Helga Xxxxxx<helga.xxxxxxx@icloud.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 20:07:54 +0200
To: "Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Hallo Herr und Frau Grotepass,
Ich habe die Lampe unbeschädigt erhalten und bin ganz begeistert,
da sie zwar auf den Bildern sehr schön ausgeschaut hat aber in Realität
noch viel schöner ist. Nachdem ich sie ausgepackt habe dachte ich mir ja,
einwandfreie Verarbeitung, sehr gute Qualität, passt, aber nachdem ich die
Beleuchtung eingeschaltet habe gab es einen richtigen Wow-Effekt -
das ist richtiges Kunsthandwerk!

Vielen Dank auch nochmal für die vorab Fotos, es hat richtig Spass gemacht
das Entstehen der Lampe begleiten zu können.
Bis zur nächsten Lampe :-),
verbleibe ich Ihre Helga xxxxxxxxx


From: Larry xxxxxxx <lxxxxxxxxxxx@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Laburnum on Blue Lamp
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 21:32:47 -0400
To: "Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Dear Peter and Gudrun,

The lamp is absolutely beautiful.
You are consummate artists at this exacting craft.
I am so pleased.

Thank You,



Sat, 23 Feb 2013 02:52:24 -0800 (PST)
Sender: xxxxx.brumm@xxxxxxx.com
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 11:52:23
Subject: Re: Anfrage / Weihnachtsüberraschung
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxBrumm <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxbrumm@gxxxxxxmail.com>
To: "Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>

Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Hallo Herr Dr. Grotepass,

vielen Dank für die herrliche Tiffany-Lampe,die mitlerweile Ihren Weg in unser Wohnzimmer
gefunden hat   (siehe Photo).

Wir sind beide ganz begeistert von diesem Kunstwerk.
Meine Frau, weil sie sich schon immer eine so schöne Tiffany-Lampe gewünscht hat.
Und ich, obwohl ich bisher für solche Lampen wenig übrig hatte.

Wir sind nicht nur mit dem Ergebnis, sondern auch mit dem ganzen Ablauf sehr zufrieden gewesen.
Nochmal vielen Dank und herzliche Grüsse

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx und xxxxxxxxxxxxxBrumm



Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 06:25:26 +0100 (Mitteleuropäische Zeit)
From: "xxxxxxx Müller
 " <xxxxxxxx.mueller@t-online.de>
X-FID: FLAVOR00-NONE-0000-0000-000000000000
X-Priority: 3
To: "Dr.Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>
Subject: Poppy
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Sehr geehrte Familie Grotepass,

die Überseekisten mit der Lampe sind heil angekommen.

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der schönen Lampe . Es ist die schönste und edelste Tiffany-Lampe, die wir besitzen und hat die beste Ausstrahlung.
Da ist der Preisunterschied zu dem billigen Modell  über unserem Esstisch, doch stark sichtbar.
So erleuchtet die Poppy nun unsere gemütliche Sitzecke.

Mit bestem Dank

Ihre Fam. Müller


From: V Julia <juliexxxxxxxxxxxxxx@yandex.ru>
To: Dr.Hans-Peter Grotepass <grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:02:45 +0400
X-UI-Loop: V01:dx25R6zOgHM=:UCWZZX5TjLb0heUiMGDBS4FyCsqif4LI58vldx/kyOw=
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Yesterday we got the lamp! It came to St. Petersburg last week. Then FedEx called me to come to process the shipment with the customs. I did it on Friday. Then, yesterday, they finally delivered the boxes to me. My hisband and I had an exciting evening last night unpacking the lamp and putting it together. BTW, you do an amazing job packing! Eeverything arrived safely.

It is wonderful, Peter!!! Thank you so very much!!! The lamp is just gorgeous!!! And crafted with such care for every little thing!! We really appreciate not just beautiful but well done things. And your lamp is such a pleasure not only to look at, but to handle. Thank you!

Thank you and Gudrun once again,

Sincerely yours,



From: Sandra xxxxxx <xxxxxxviews@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: 22" Elaborate Peony lamp
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 13:20:17 -0400
X-UI-Loop: V01:w+YM6yoe15k=:xMkyIAUvCVFYosbRXPYyHEkEaKfbQmYYAbXVmEUAAYA=
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Dear Peter,
the lamp is now safe in our home. It is just stunning.
Thank you so much, Eric loves it.
Best regards,


From: Alan XXXXXX<alanfXXXXXXXX@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: xxxxxxxxx : Firm order - Royal Blue Wisteria shade & Base
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 22:52:34 +0200
To: "Dr.Hans-Peter Grotepass" <Grotepass@tiffany-studios.com>
X-UI-Loop: V01:shyWapV+iSE=:7JbCgpuZRLdrS/NAu72ZAXFOKGWw+X466fYH4cdbwi4=
Envelope-To: grotepass@tiffany-lamps.de

Dear Peter,
The lamp arrived safely, and I am very happy with the beautiful result.
thank you, I also will need some other smaller items soon.

Best regards,


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