Here are some pictures of  the small castle we have in our street,  right in the neighborhood of our Studio.

 (Schloss-Strasse= Castle Lane)

That's one of the windows of our Tiffany Lamp showroom, our "Caste" .  We live next floor.

This picture is taken from the position near Gluehstasse #1.  Here is our private entrance.

When you walk around the corner, you are in the Schloss - Strasse:



on the way , 1Minute later.




The restaurant is open, how about dinner?


Entrance of the restaurant in the Castle


The Park behind the Castle


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Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass
Gudrun Grotepass

Schloss-Strasse 68     45355 Essen / Germany 
Phone (from USA) : 01149  201- 651112