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The installation of the pool table triple light.


This lamp has 3 shades, but a single central fixing point only which is in the shape of a small tripod.

A set screw in the central hook , directly underneath the smoke cap makes sure you are able to adjust

and keep the entire lamp in its correct position, which is PARALLEL to the pool tables side.

Please install the central tripod first .

Unscrew the central hook (carefull  please, the very small fitter ring may fall off)

Remove the decorative tubing with the smokecap from the tripod.



Make sure to fix the tripod safely on the ceiling,  close enough  to  the electical outlet,

so that the smoke cap will cover everything later, when  it will be re-installed :


The long side of the hook should be in the same axle you want to hang the row of triple lights.

Please hang the chain now.


On the chain please hang the yoke.

As you can see here, the yoke is not  in correct position, it is not parrallel to the background paper here.

Please now  correct  the yoke's position by  adjusting it with the upper, central hook.


Please fix the correct position now by using the larger  one of the two tools I have included for the imbus set screws:


All hardware is in correct position now.


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